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If you’d love to wake up looking forward to a fun and rewarding work day, deeply aligned with your career sweet spot, Carol Maloney-Scott will lead you to Career Happiness Discovery!

Are You Ready To:

  • Conquer your limiting doubts and fears?
  • Uncover your true career calling and purpose?
  • Replace confusion with a crystal clear vision?
  • Form your supportive and inspirational tribe?
  • Create the map to guide you to your dream work?
  • Develop the confidence to grab your career dreams?

If so, this fun and actionable guide will help you to FINALLY discover what you’ve always wanted to do, and provide the strategies, tools and motivation to help you manifest your ideal work into exciting reality.

Why do so many people fail to find their ideal work, and spend years mired in a career rut, with no idea how to pull themselves out and start loving every day of their lives, not just the weekends?

If you want to conquer this career confusion and attract the work you were meant to do, read on and grab your shovel. You’re about to dig yourself out of the career rut for good.

In The Smart Chick’s Guide to Career Happiness Carol will lead you through her 6 Tickets to Career Discovery:

  • Courage – identify and overcome limiting beliefs and fears around career change
  • Clues – begin to dig into possible paths based on interests, values and motivators
  • Clarity – define the target by looking at skills, experience and job market conditions
  • Community – create a network of support and information to further define target
  • Compass – design your step-by-step Career Happiness Map to your desired work
  • Confidence – master outreach to unpublished job market contacts and make the mindset changes necessary to follow the map

Your career is a HUGE part of your LIFE! Therefore, it isn’t just about finding a new job – it’s about crafting the life YOU want to live through the lifelong pursuit of meaningful work, adventure and FUN!

The time to start is NOW!