Birthing a Book

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My baby is live in the Kindle store! It’s not pink or blue, but teal and red, and it’s not exactly cute, but to me it’s the most beautiful book on

Writing a book, and getting it out into the world is truly a labor of love. Emphasizing the labor part. It’s an enormous amount of work and there is pain involved. But like childbirth, it is a pain with a purpose. A much anticipated and desired result is presented to the proud new mom …. and then the real fun begins.

The writing part was a lot of work, but it was so much fun! I absolutely love crafting characters and placing them in situations that are comical and problematic … and dreaming up how to get them out of the messes they have created.

However, now that the baby is born it is crying for food … or it won’t grow up to be a healthy book that rewards Mommy with the fruits of her labor. We often say that motherhood is a thankless job, but is it?

I don’t think so. In some ways, the marketing and networking with readers is actually even more fun than the writing, which is done in isolation. For an extrovert like me, this is a time to do something else I love – engage in witty banter and expand my circle of new and interesting people. Being a mother is a similar experience of growth and development.

I liked being pregnant. Twenty years ago I was about 3 months pregnant. Finally moving beyond morning sickness, I was very excited and nesting for my little bundle of soft sweetness. I prepared for his arrival (didn’t know I was having a boy until October) with great joy, but once he arrived (7 weeks premature no less!) I was a bundle of stress and nerves. Was I going to be a good mother? Could I handle this? Would he grow up big, strong and emotionally healthy?

Nicholas Eric Rissmeyer came home a week and one day after his birth on a Saturday. His father was off from work that Monday for a holiday, but on Tuesday he went back, leaving me alone and in charge.

Nick had spent those 8 days in a NICU unit at Westchester County Medical Center in Valhalla, New York. When I was pregnant I was worried about bringing home a full term newborn, so this situation was producing high anxiety.

On Tuesday morning, after his Daddy left for work, I looked into his bassinet with weary eyes (this child never slept!) and said “Okay, Nick… it’s just you and me kid. I hope I don’t screw this up.” He just looked at me with those wide blue eyes and kicked his little feet, as if he was certain all would be well.

And it was. He has grown into a healthy, intelligent and talented young man who has rewarded me with his love and endless laughter. He is my biggest source of pride and achievement, even if I do nothing else of worth going forward in my life.

I know that with more love and attention, my book is going to grow up to be successful. It is already providing me with laughter, an expanded universe, and a deep sense of purpose … just like my little Nick.

So I will keep writing, proofreading, marketing, networking, and enjoy watching my book baby grow and develop, even though this publishing business isn’t for wimps. But neither is motherhood.

Lately it has been hard to sleep … so much to do! I don’t think I have been asleep before 2AM in a week. Hmm… taking care of someone else caused me to look like an extra in a zombie movie long before the Walking Dead made its debut … and zombies more fashionable.

But guess where that baby (and HUGE Walking Dead fan) is now at 12:48PM on his day off? Yep… in bed, quietly asleep. Eventually my book baby is going to let me sleep a little too, when it becomes a teenaged book and Mommy is busy creating the next offspring in my writing career.

To borrow a phrase from Nick’s favorite childhood movie – And the circle of life continues. 

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