Coming Soon – Dixie’s Diary

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Are you wondering what is going on in that silly wiener dog head? Dixie, the main (and only) canine star of “There Are No Men” is sharpening her computer skills so that she can bring you her diary! She is tired of the humans giving their perspective on her thoughts (she is NOT silly!), and wants to broadcast the inner world of wiener dogs to the masses.

Questions that she will address for her fans:

Why does she bark when people come to the door? Come home in the cul-de-sac? Ride a bike? Walk a dog? Breathe?

Why is she so food driven?

Why sleep “under” the blankie?

Why is her Mommy the center of her world?

What does she really think about Mommy’s taste in men?

Join Dixie as she uncovers these mysteries and provides readers with a rare window into the secret life of the wiener dog.

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