Meet Dixie…Wiener Dog Star of Dazed & Divorced, Book 1 in the Rom-Com on the Edge Series

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Meet Dixie, wiener dog puppy star of Dazed & Divorced!  

She’s a tiny ball of wiener puppy energy, and she is in Claire’s life to provide a redirection of her maternal longings. She’s doing that like a canine rock star, however there are a few problems with her behavior – which may or may not be evident in her interview answers.  

But look at that face? How can anyone get mad at her? We have to believe she will play a pivotal role in Claire’s happiness. Don’t they say dogs are good judges of character? And with all the characters Claire is going to meet in this series, she needs all the help she can get.  

Get to know little Dixie in Dazed & Divorced, Book 1 in the Rom-Com on the Edge series.

Again, a special thanks to the ladies at Novel Escapes for their funny and thought-provoking interview questions. You can check out their blog, and my author interview here:


  1. Chips, chocolate or cheese?

I LOVE CHEESE! I had it the other day and it made my eyes cross and my belly sing!!! Apparently, chips have too much of something called salt, which smells amazing, so I am going to work harder to get some of those. And I have been told in VERY LOUD VOICES that chocolate will kill me. I secretly suspect this chocolate is the best thing ever created and no one wants to share. However, my Mommy is an all-knowing Goddess, I mean…she’s read all the dog books, so she should know. Shut up…she’s brilliant!


  1. Bridget Jones, Becky Bloomwood or Carrie Bradshaw?

I don’t know any of those ladies. I only know Mommy, Grandma and Jane. Grandma and Jane are both pleasant, but the world turns around Mommy. She is the source of light and I worship her. I mean…she’s a very nice Mommy. What? You don’t know her so don’t be so judgy…unless you have chicken, then you can say whatever you want. You look so pretty…


  1. Wine, beer or vodka?

Apparently, this stuff falls under that ‘happy juice’ category Mommy refers to. Who wouldn’t want to be happy? But NO! I tried one time to enjoy the stuff over on Jane’s porch, and Mommy and Jane flipped! They drink it. Jeez! But Mommy acts weird when she has too much, and I like to keep my wits about me. The guys at the dog park explained my role in the universal badger hunt, and once I’m grown up I have a legacy to uphold and serious responsibilities. STOP LAUGHING AT ME OR I AM NOT DOING YOUR STUPID INTERVIEW! Unless you have chicken, and then I am so sorry, and look at how cute I am.


  1. Camping or spa vacation?

I haven’t been to either of those places. I just know the stupid doctor – I hate him – and the dog park. There is also a store where they have every delicious treat and dog toy you can imagine. But now that you mention it, Mommy has yelled about how she doesn’t like the camping place because you have to pee in the woods. Really? Well, I have to pee on the front lawn with the neighbors watching. But I’m just a DOG!


  1. Water or mountains?

Water is TERRIBLE! Unless it’s in my bowl. But why would I want drinks thrown on my head? The stuff Mommy drinks doesn’t fall out of the sky on her body while she squats on the front lawn. Jeez!  I know I could be missing something here, but Mommy gets in a little room where water shoots on her head, and she does this every day, ON PURPOSE! Excuse my language, but what the fruitcake? Jane says that to Mommy when we’re with the kids, but now that I think about it, it’s a silly saying, and Mommy says it a little differently when we’re home alone, or when that big guy comes over and makes her mad. I need to listen next time to see if I can remember how to say it right. Plus, a fruitcake sounds like food and should be put in my mouth.  Oh…I don’t know what mountains are. They don’t sound like food.


  1. Zombies or vampires?

I don’t have a preference, but I know Mommy doesn’t like either one. I do, however, want to point out that they both eat things far worse than poop. Not that I have any experience…I’m just sayin’…hypothetically…look, squirrel!!


  1. Dogs or cats?

I don’t mean to be rude, but are you BLIND? Wiener DOG!! Cats are okay, though. There’s a fat one across the street who’s pretty cool.


  1. Coke or Pepsi?

I don’t know the difference, but I think this is the stuff that Grandma says Mommy shouldn’t drink. Actually, the big guy says it, too. But for some reason Mommy gets WAY madder at him. Grandma is awesome! She brings me so many toys and treats, and she is a good petter! The big guy is a decent petter, but he is easily distracted…oh what was the question? Yes, I like these drinks – I have managed to get my tongue in Mommy’s glass a few times. Yum!


  1. Coffee or tea?

I don’t think Mommy likes either one of these, so I have no chance to try them. She especially gets mad when that big guy comes over and tries to give her coffee. That stuff must suck, because I heard Mommy saying really quietly that she wanted to throw it on his head. I LOVE when she puts food on his head! It falls off so easily and no one even cares that I’m eating it.


  1. Dine out or take away?

GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. High heels, sneakers or flip flops?

I would eat ANY of those, especially if they have the shiny, sparkly things. Those are the best! Mommy seems to get mad if she has to share her food, though.  And she puts this kind of food on her feet. I love her, but I wish I understood her better.


  1. Physical Book or ebook?

The stupid hard book has no taste. I tried to lick it and chew on the corner, but it’s hard on my little puppy teeth. Mommy has some softer ones, and those actually get wet when I eat them. But she gets mad at that, too. Mommy seriously needs to relax. Did you know petting a dog reduces stress? I could offer my belly after we’re done here, if you’re feeling tense at all.


  1. Drama or comedy?

I don’t know what that means. OHH…you mean the people moving around on the thing on the wall? I have no idea what that’s about, but sometimes they ring doorbells and there are even dogs trapped in there. It’s weird. I am going to ask some of the guys at the dog park if they know what that’s all about. I don’t smell ANY of those people in the house. It’s concerning.


  1. Twilight or Hunger Games?

It’s not a game – I am starving EVERY time of day! Morning, noon and night! Do you have any chicken in your pocket?


  1. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?

Mommy keeps those up high, so I haven’t been able to try eating any of those yet. But they look good – I’ll get back to you.


  1. Facebook or Twitter?

I can’t have my own accounts, but I’ve heard there are lots of pictures and videos of dogs on both, and that I have been shared a lot. I can only hope that Mommy has captured my best side. I’ve noticed that my nose is getting big already. I met a few adult wieners at the dog park, and they have some serous schnozzes.


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