Book Club Questions (SPOILER ALERT!)

Book Club Questions – “There Are No Men”

Please use these questions as a guide to lead a lively and thought provoking, as well as hilarious, conversation with your groups. I wish I could be there for every meeting!

1. Claire is struggling in an unfamiliar world. Can you think of a time when you were thrust into a new life situation? How did you cope?
2. Claire tries online dating, then meetup, to try to find a man. However, she ends up with the proverbial “boy next door”. In this world of online dating, singles groups and social media is it still possible to meet someone in the “real” world? Has technology made it harder or easier?
3. Discuss the symbolism of Claire’s dog, Dixie? What is her purpose in the story? If you have pets, what is their deeper meaning in your life?
4. What is the funniest scene/line in the book? Why?
5. Which guy were you rooting for? Was there anyone you thought might be “the one” or play a bigger role?
6. How would you have handled Nathan? Before you answer, think about a time when you were as confused and fearful as Claire. What part does fear play in our dating lives?
7. Motherhood is a big issue for many women. Has your fertility/infertility or biological clock played a role in your relationships with men? How has that positively or negatively affected your search for love?
8. Which character/situation do you think contributed the most to Claire’s growth?
9. Everyone loves a happy ending. Can you see any potential pitfalls down the road for Claire and Brandon?
10. Let’s all share one dating disaster story. Has anyone had an old man’s hair fall off, a chanting guy in a leather thong? Ever throw up in your date’s shoe?
11. I think most would agree that Nathan is somewhere between a jerk and an evil sicko. Do you see any redeeming qualities? Any understanding for how he came to be the way he is? How might he change through his experiences?
12. Alcohol can be used to mask pain or cope with life, in a very unhealthy way. Have you ever resorted to self-medication? Do you think Claire has a drinking problem?
13. Claire has a tense relationship with her mother and seemingly nice one with her sister. How could Claire better manage these relationships? Is she missing out on the support of family? Do you lean on your female family members or your girlfriends more?
14. Is Ron really a bad guy? Have you ever judged an ex very harshly, only to realize that your behavior played a larger role in the demise of the relationship?
15. Who is your favorite character?
16. Who is your least favorite character? Besides Nathan?
17. How about the minor characters? Anyone stand out?
18. Would you like to see a sequel? If so, another Claire & Brandon story? A tale featuring another character?
19. Claire is very naïve when it comes to sex. How does that affect her choices? As you have matured, how has your own sexual experience level changed your dating choices?
20. Did you like the ending? Imagine an alternate ending that also would have satisfied you.

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