Book Genre: Paranormal Chick Lit

Nobody Tells Lia Anything

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Lia needs ANSWERS from beyond, NOT matchmaking! 

When twenty-something Lia’s grandmother dies, her life is knocked upside-down. In order to satisfy the terms of her inheritance, Lia is forced to move to the family’s apartment complex in the scenic mountain town of Applebarrow, leaving behind her dead-end job and long-term boyfriend, Jason. While she’s happy to fulfill her Granana’s unusual dying wish to play social director to the eclectic group of tenants, she’s surprised to discover they are not what she was expecting.

Her days as an RA in her college dorm were inadequate preparation for personalities such as a jealous librarian who names her Thanksgiving turkeys, a charmingly naive mechanic who thinks New Wave is beach music, and a volatile menopausal woman who claims to be a delicate flower.

To add to the mayhem, she meets Logan, an attractive young bartender with a penchant for rescuing her from absurd antics, such as losing her phone to a raccoon and thinking Long Island Iced Teas contain little alcohol. As Jason’s behavior becomes increasingly suspicious and erratic, Lia can’t help being drawn to Logan’s thoughtfulness, wit, and intense blue eyes.

As she adapts to her new community, secrets and lies emerge, and Lia wonders what the deceased, AND living, people in her life are hiding. Working to uncover the evidence, Lia hopes a wacky, unexpected visitor from beyond will provide the answers she craves – before she loses her grip on reality, and the love of her life.

Something Molly Can’t See

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Thirty-something, single mom Molly’s dreams came true when her new friend, Lia, invested in her doll making business, and Molly’s Dollies was born. Unfortunately, her romantic dreams were shattered when her husband of over fifteen years invested in a pyramid scheme – and ran off with all their money, and the woman at the top of the pyramid.

No one has seen or heard from Ray in over a year, and Molly is finally opening up to new love. She babysat Tucker Swanson many moons ago, but their five-year age difference no longer matters, now that he’s a strong, sexy, and successful man. Unfortunately, as soon as Tucker acts upon his lifelong crush on Molly, Ray suddenly turns up and hinders their newfound romance with his own agenda.

While juggling argumentative teens, waitressing, and her new business, Molly further complicates her life by agreeing to attend a ‘silent’ retreat with her neighbors that is anything but Zen, and eventually finds herself in a champagne glass hot tub – but with the wrong man. When she finds an unexpected guest from the great beyond eating a chicken leg on her toilet, a whole new set of questions and obstacles arise to keep her and Tucker apart.

Past and present secrets begin cropping up like the first flowers of spring, and Molly looks to loved ones old and new to help her find her long-lost aunt. As she struggles to uncover the truth about her family’s past and Tucker’s present, she can only hope to salvage true love with the man of her dreams - before the rest of the people in her life make her as crazy as a bedbug.

Love Pixies

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For three lifelong best friends, a college graduation trip to Ireland is supposed to be their last hurrah before starting their jobs, and taking on the stresses and responsibilities of adult life. Heather, Tiffany, and Amanda are on a mission to turn the Emerald Isle upside down…or at least wreak a little havoc, drink a wee bit too much, and kiss hunky Irish boys…before returning to their hometown of Chicago.

When Rhiannon, a powerful fairy, pays a surprise visit to their adorable, thatched-roof rental cottage in County Clare, and persuades them to sign one-year Love Pixie contracts, their lives are drastically altered. Newly armed with fantastical superpowers, charmed necklaces, and the ability to turn ordinary substances into enchanted pixie dust, the girls join together to fight ‘love crime’ and help assigned couples on the brink of disaster build bridges back to happiness. It all sounds quite exciting, until they realize that learning how to use powerful magic is not only time consuming, overwhelming, and confusing – it’s not easy to hide from their family, co-workers, and most importantly – potential love interests.

To complicate matters even more, the trio is repeatedly tempted by the fairy’s rebellious sister, Aideen, who challenges them to break the rules. Perhaps if they listen to the ‘bad fairy’ they can finish their assignment quicker...and get back to work…and play…before anyone is the wiser.

However, the girls were raised to know that there are consequences to bad behavior – at least in the non-magical world. Afraid to ask if there is such a thing as magical jail, the two more sensible Pixies hope to rein in their most wayward partner - before their contracts are terminated...and their couple’s relationship implodes into a pile of ordinary dust.