Title: Valentine's on the Edge
Published by: Carol Maloney Scott
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Pages: 61

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Spend Valentine's Day with characters from the Rom-Com on the Edge series! Enjoy three short stories narrated by Justin, Amanda and Zoe. As always there are hot guys, cute dogs, and lots of laughs and misunderstandings.

Justin’s State of Denial

Justin is an original cast member from There Are No Men, Book 2 in the series. He made another appearance as a POV character in The Juggling Act, Book 4, where he whisked his handsome, charming self to Key West on a business trip with a colleague, and former love interest. Take another journey with Justin as he takes his new girlfriend, Marissa, to meet the family for a big Valentine's Day weekend. What is he hiding up in the wealthy Philly suburbs? And who does Marissa resemble?

Amanda’s White Lie

Amanda was the receptionist at Bella Donna Press in There Are No Men, and was promoted to the CEO’s assistant in Book 3, Afraid of Her Shadow. Although she possesses the innocence and sweetness of a Disney princess, Amanda is keeping a big secret from her boyfriend, Marcus. Will their Valentine’s Day celebration move their relationship forward, or will she ruin it with deception? Or perhaps she will figure out how to get around the truth and keep her man?

Zoe’s Secret Crush

Zoe was introduced in The Juggling Act as the new female singer in Brandon’s band, Chain. Young, fairly new in town and full of energy, Zoe is sleeping with her boss at the tattoo shop, but secretly in love with someone else. The forbidden crush is eating away at her while she tries to decide – should she leave the band? Tell the truth? Make a go of it with Axl, her sexy boss? Or just leave town and head back to Chicago, where the cold might freeze her illicit thoughts?

Valentines on the Edge is set in time between Book 4, The Juggling Act, and Book 5, Accidental Makeovers!

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