Coming Soon – Dixie’s Diary

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Coming Soon – Dixie’s Diary

Are you wondering what is going on in that silly wiener dog head? Dixie, the main (and only) canine star of “There Are No Men” is sharpening her computer skills so that she can bring you her diary! She is tired of the humans giving their perspective on her thoughts (she is NOT silly!), and […]

Virtual Chickens are Everywhere

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Has anyone ever graced you with the proverbial saying – “don’t count your chickens before they hatch?” I am not always the most optimistic person, but when I have put my heart and soul into something you better believe that I have faith that it will be successful, or I would never have started it […]

Who Writes a Book?

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Who Writes a Book? Crazy people, that’s who. But anyone who knows me recognizes that I usually mean the word ‘crazy’ in a very positive way. Crazy as in passionate, driven, tenacious, over the top. ‘On the edge’. My energy level, which is already abnormally high, increases exponentially when I write. You know how time […]

Writer Girl Reborn

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From the time I could hold a pencil and learned how to form letters I wanted to write stories. All the time. As a child I was never without a notebook and I was forever scribbling. I didn’t just complete school writing assignments – I created whole worlds and series, and even a soap opera […]